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Dixie Brands Inc (OTC: DXBRF)

Contact: Chuck Smith

Phone: 303-945-3965

Website: https://dixieelixirs.com

Dixie Brands Inc. is leading the CPG cannabis industry by championing freedom of choice for consumers around the world. Through its licensed partners, Dixie has been perfecting the art and science of creating award-winning THC and CBD-infused products for nearly a decade. A true multi-state operator currently in California, Colorado, Maryland, Nevada and Michigan, Dixie expects to double its manufacturing and distribution capabilities in the U.S. in 2019, as well as continue to expand internationally, including Canada and Latin America.

Launched in 2009 with a single flagship product, the Dixie Elixir (a THC-infused soda), Dixie’s relentless commitment to product innovation from fun to functional has earned the brand a place as one of the industry's most recognized consumer brands, featuring over 100 products across more than 15 different product categories representing the industry's finest edibles, tinctures, topicals and connoisseur grade extractions, as well as world-class CBD-infused wellness products and pet dietary supplements. Serving as founding members on several national regulatory and business-oriented industry organizations, Dixie's executive team has been instrumental in the progress of the marijuana industry for recreational and medicinal use. To find out more about Dixie's innovative products, or about how Dixie is building the future of cannabis, visit www.dixiebrands.com