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CenturionPro Launches the Most Affordable Bucker in the Industry 

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Pairs seamlessly with the CenturionPro TableTop and Twister T6 Trimmers

Maple Ridge, BC, CanadaCenturionPro Solutions Inc., following the incredible success of the CenturionPro Mini Buckers, the broadest line of buckers just got even broader with the HP TableTop Bucker; the industry’s first elite de-stemming solution for home-growers and small operations.

The HP TableTop benefits from two rollers that pull the stem into the de-stemmer to pop flowers off at an exceptional rate. Ideal for stems up to 3/8”, with 2-hole sizes to strip plants carefully and comprehensively, the robust machine can process up to 75 pounds of wet cannabis or hemp per hour (up to 15 pounds dry). The impressive power and precision are driven by a 0.33 HP motor with variable speed control, for enhanced versatility bucking wet and dry plants.

The HPTT Bucker is powerful, versatile, and combinable.  Users can upgrade their HPTT Bucker to include a stand, which allows users to combine their HPTT Bucker with the world’s top home-grower trimming systems such as the CenturionPro TableTop and Twister T6.  “There are thousands of these trimming machines out there, we’re just the first ones to build a bucker that pairs with them and at a price home-growers can afford”, says Karl Lundgren, VP of Marketing at CenturionPro Solutions.  “When you see the TableTop Bucker working in tandem with a trimming machine you can’t help but wonder how that trimmer existed without it.”

Portable and lightweight, this elite bucking solution weighs in at just 46 pounds with sturdy stainless-steel carrying handles.  Buck on the go with the discreet CenturionPro HPTT bucker.  Pound for pound the market’s most compact and cost-efficient bucker.  Now available to purchase online or through any hydroponic retailer nationwide.  Contact for more details.

For more information on CenturionPro and its elite harvesting solutions, please visit and keep up with the latest news via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can contact CenturionPro at 1-855-535-0558 and by emailing  

Reliable, Industrial, Simple, Efficient – witness the RISE.

For additional comment or information please contact:

Karl Lundgren, VP of Marketing, CenturionPro Solutions Inc.
Tel: 1-855-535-0558
Cell: 1-604-369-8342


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