Heritage Cannabis launches three new CBD vape cartridges from its Purefarma brand

The new lines will be available in British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba in July

Purefarma is launching the Sun, Moon, and Earth CBD cartridge lines

Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp () () is launching three new vape cartridges from its Purefarma line, it said Wednesday.

The new lines – Sun, Moon, and Earth – will be sold through Heritage’s licensed subsidiary Voyage Cannabis Corp and available in British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba in July.

Purefarma is the company’s second major brand rollout, Heritage said in a statement.

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The vape cartridges feature premium hardware and packaging and are sold at a mid-range price point of around $30 for a 500 mg cartridge, according to a release.

"We have targeted a pricing strategy for our products in order to deliver what consumers have been demanding - high quality products at reasonable prices," said CEO Clint Sharples in a statement.

"At Heritage we are able to deliver this by keeping our fixed costs as low as possible, while eliminating as many traditional manufacturing and distribution costs as we can. Our goal is to deliver strong margins for Heritage, while providing competitively priced high-quality product options to consumers."

Purefarma Sun has sativa properties and Moon contains indica properties, while Purefarma Earth is a “true CBD vape,” according to Heritage. The Sun and Moon cartridges are made using a carefully managed extraction process using high-quality, hand-selected cannabis flower.

“Our Purefarma vape cartridges are expected to be well received by our launch markets," said Chris Pearson, vice president sales and marketing at Heritage, calling the Purefarma Earth CBD vape cartridge its “most anticipated product launch.”

A proprietary extraction process allows for full plant vapeable products that retains flavor without needing any added terpenes or oils.

In addition to the launch of the Purefarma vape cartridges, Heritage said it is planning to launch a full range of Pura Vida products, including Sativa, Indica & Hybrid Honey Oil vape cartridges, as well as its Pura Vida Daybreak and Nightfall full spectrum THC tinctures in the same provinces as Purefarma in July. Additional markets are expected to follow for all Hertiage products.

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