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Italian Parliament To Vote On Proposals To Allow Households The Right To Grow Four Cannabis Plants

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ITALIANS may soon be able to grow up to four cannabis plants at home.

The Justice Committee of the Chamber of Deputies has today approved a text in this direction. But the parliamentary road is still long, reports Newsweed.

The measure will have to be submitted to amendments, then voted in plenary by the 630 deputies of the Palazzo Montecitorio (the Italian Chamber of Deputies).

The country already has rather favourable cannabis legislation, since medical cannabis is authorized, as well as CBD with 0.6% THC.

“In the case of cannabis cultivation activities of minimum size, carried out in a domestic form and this because of the rudimentary techniques used, due to the small number of plants, the modest quantity of product that can be obtained…intended for the personal use of the producer, the provisions of articles 73 and 75 [providing for penal sanctions] do not apply,” provides the document drafted by the deputy Caterina Licatini, of the Five Star Movement (M5E).

“Growing cannabis at home is essential for those who need to use it therapeutically. Often they do not find one available. It is also used to fight against trafficking and the underground economy,” pleads the rapporteur of the project, the deputy (M5E) Mario Perantoni.

Another argument: MPs simply adapt the law to case law. Indeed, the Italian Court of Cassation decriminalized autoculture in 2019. Moreover, the terms used by the highest court are almost copied / pasted into the bill. [Read More @ Businesscann]

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