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A glance at some of the day's highlights from the Proactive Investors US and Canada newswires Aequus Pharmaceuticals Inc () () is getting ready to file for regulatory approval in Canada for the Evolve line of dry eye products, it said Monday. The news comes as the Vancouver-based firm said its UK partner Medicom Healthcare received the final certif
A glance at some of the day's highlights from the Proactive Investors US and Canada newswires Inc () (CSE:HUGE.CN) (FRA:0K9A) announced on Monday that it has submitted an Investigational New Drug Application (IND) application to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the use of its lead candidate FSD-201, or anti-inflammatory ultra-micronize
The biotech said that the study is expected to be conducted at 25 to 30 hospitals in North America FSD Pharma is developing micro-PEA, or FSD-201 for its anti-inflammatory properties to avoid the cytokine storm associated with acute lung injury in hospitalized COVID-19 patients Inc () (CSE:HUGE.CN) (FRA:0K9A) announced on Monday that it has submitt
What are you searching for? viewMMJ Group Holdings Ltd Proceeds from the repayment of the loan will be reinvested into investment opportunities including those within MMJ's existing investee portfolio. MMJ specialises in managing a portfolio of investments along the cannabis value-chain in Australia, Canada, and Europe () investee Harvest One Canna
QAAFI received sativa seeds for a tissue culture program designed to enable high volume and pathogen-resistant plant cultivation for medicinal purposes The firm inked a collaborative research pact in March 2019 with the University of Queensland for an 18-month, 'proof-of-concept' program Asterion Cannabis Inc said Thursday its research partner had
Heritage’s subsidiary Voyage Cannabis Corp will produce the vape cartridges for Sugarbud using the latter’s high quality cannabis Sugarbud plans to market the vape cartridges in 4Q 2020 Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp () () said Thursday it has started developing its full spectrum cannabis vape cartridges for Sugarbud Craft Growers Corp (CVE:SUGR)
The company said it has now dialed in formulations for cannabis activated pectin and gelatin gummies, hard candy and sugar-free variants Interior of the 51,000-square-foot fully-automated edibles manufacturing facility AgraFlora Organics International Inc () (OCTMKTS:AGFAF) said it has received a necessary CRA tax license and is now creating test c
What are you searching for? viewHelix Technologies Inc () COO Moe Afaneh tells Proactive that New Mexico's online medical marijuana reciprocity portal, which Helix worked with the state government to set up, is live and has been serving out of state patients living or vacationing in New Mexico. Afaneh says the system, which is the first of its kind
Embark continues its measured approach to capacity expansion by ensuring initiatives are cost-effective and will be capable of meeting growing consumer demand for 2.0 products. The manufacturing of solventless 2.0 products forms the basis of Embark’s Health Canada sales licence submission package () investee Embark Health Inc is continuing its focu
The system allows state regulators to electronically register and track out of state patients into the patient registry  Since going live with the reciprocity module on July 1, more than 1,700 out of state patients have been registered for the program Inc () announced Tuesday that New Mexico's online medical marijuana reciprocity portal is live and
The bioscience company said it has applied for a P2020 research grant under the project name SkanABility for a proof-of-concept study of the biological activity of cannabinoids and terpenes in cosmeceutical applications EXMceuticals also said it has recently submitted an application to the Portuguese government through the I&D COVID-19 initiati
The group said the "elite genetics" at the Delta facility will yield up to 44 varieties of strains to offer its wholesale clients a “robust product offering" AgraFlora is in a joint venture with Propagation Services Canada Inc, which operates a 2.2 million-square-foot greenhouse complex in Delta, British Columbia AgraFlora Organics International In