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Marijuana Vacation Rentals Remain Niche But Are Catching On

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A weed getaway is more complicated than it sounds. While you may live in a legal state, the drug’s status of your destination matters. Marijuana is also federally illegal, meaning that transporting it across states lines is prohibited, even where it’s legal. Here’s where cannabis vacation rentals come in.

Marijuana-vacation rentals are a niche business, yet one that’s been slowly on the rise. While there are some locations that simply allow you to rent the place in your (legal) state and smoke your own pot without worrying about your neighbors or your sheets, there are others that take creative routes to make guests feel welcome and meet the expectations of a tru weed getaway, including providing the weed.

Websites like are facilitating these transactions, connecting guests with hosts who allow marijuana use on their properties. While having a much smaller pool of locations than websites like Airbnb, these services are in demand and are finding more and more customers.

CNBC spoke with various hosts that provide these services, who provided a breakdown of their establishments and what makes their rentals stand out from the rest.

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